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02:17pm 24/11/2004
  Friends Cut. EVERYONE who i dont know in real life needs to comment and be re-added.  
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09:56am 24/11/2004
  harry decided to bust up his toe and he had to get surgery, so none the less i didnt get to go to chicago. wtf wtf wtf wtf. and now im really tired from staying at the hospital with my mom from 3pm to 8am. i was awake at the hospital for 12 hours, as if being at a hospital having my only brother put under isnt stressfull enough. god. sux. peace out.  
10:17pm 19/11/2004
  im so sad.Collapse )  
07:12pm 19/11/2004
  me and sami are cool. which im really cool with. actually, im happy. ecstatic even.

melanie is over. we're rocking out to u2. and YEAH, WHAT?, OKAY!.

i need to pack a bag for mi madre's. or ma mere's. i am the breaker of hte language barrier. watch me dance!

yawn. peace out.
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04:12pm 18/11/2004
  this essay will be the end of me. officially.

and if not that, i might die of lack of self-esteem thanks to Sami Clausen.
"stop trying to make a fashion statement everytime you walk out the door"


This weekend/next week will be amazing.

Friday - omg pizza movie night. anyone wanna come?
Saturday - Laurel and Britney are coming over, with their consent or not
Sunday - Goin to the madre's, yeha no school pour moi monday or tuesday!
Monday - hangin out with harry
Wednesday - more being cool.
Thursday - duh.
and so on and so forth.


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07:32pm 15/11/2004
  this weekend was good.

Saturday : Shopping. i bought a sweet ass shirt from abercrombie (yeah so fucking shoot me) and it has a cat on it and the cat is saying shit in french (which is merde btw). its pretty amazing.

Sunday : not so much.

RockerKjello (7:18:48 PM): uh, if you had to choose between having no hands or no feet which and why?
fonnyjonny (7:19:12 PM): i would choose no feet
fonnyjonny (7:19:21 PM): for the obvious reason
fonnyjonny (7:19:46 PM): which is masturbation
fonnyjonny (7:19:53 PM): and videogames
fonnyjonny (7:20:08 PM): unless i was playing ddr
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10:27am 13/11/2004
  RockerKjello: so i take it you are going ?
MistaBobdobalima: im not sure yet
MistaBobdobalima: cuz theres a halo tournament

Halo is taking over.
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06:04pm 10/11/2004
  Q:What is Alternative Rock an alternative to?

A:Good Music.

LOL. way to have something good in your profile for once john.

why does everyone hate jason? he's so nice. sometimes he's an idiot, but whatever.

I didnt get to play halo 2 cuz the adam duo DIDNT LET ME. and then i had to go home and my dad hung up on me. this week just keeps getting worse.
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04:47pm 09/11/2004

just need to remember that site. this isnt a real post.
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06:48pm 07/11/2004
  omg. chicago was amazing. just incredible. i got my picture taken with an angel. wow. and we went to h&m. it was PACKED LIKE CRAZY. i got a couple of shirts, and then i got a shirt for my mom and a bright green eyeshadow. i also died. so did nikki. so sad, she was almost sixteen. i have a lot on my mind. the art institute was amazing as usual, they had a HUGE andy warhol picture. amazing. the contemporary art museum was ok. starbucks is addicting. mmm. me and nikki got the same shirt from express, hers was black and mine is really light green. its pretty sweet. i also got another shirt from some little store in bucktown. chicago was amazing. woah.  
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10:14pm 03/11/2004
  yay bush

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08:20pm 02/11/2004
  faux election. bush won. so did obama. wtf? oh well.  
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12:59pm 31/10/2004

trick or treating is gonna pwn.

melanie made me a kick ass layout for my gj. check it out. www.greatestjournal.com/users/rockerkjello

06:58pm 30/10/2004
  MADE A GREATESTJOURNAL. so i can see what all the freshman are saying about me. CUZ THEY'RE SO COOL D00D. actually, i made it for melanie, being as itll be easier for me to see whats shes up to if im on greatestjournal all the time. oh and kerry hare, and whoever else has a greatestjournal.

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05:05pm 29/10/2004
  im at nikki kirns house, the only place i like being lately, BECAUSE IT ROCKS.

im going to a costume party later tonight. ill take pictures. im being austin power-esque, 60's style.

halloween is gonna rock, maybe....

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04:44pm 28/10/2004

just in case any of you 18+ were thinking of not voting.
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04:21pm 21/10/2004
  Kaylee decided to bring up my high anxiety. i thought it was cool of her to ask me about it.

i got a thing from PETA and now im gonna feel like a huge A-hole if i dont start going full vegetarian/ then vegan. its so sad.

(relating to english class)
I dont particularly think Indian culture is as advanced as ours. If you went over there and looked at how they live, i think you'd agree. I do think though they are way more spiritually inclined and give a lot more praise to knowledge then we do.

Burns definitly saw britney making a humping motion when we mentioned erxleben. alright, he's a cute guy. at least it was burns. Burns also thinks i do drugs. hah. wicked awesome

(end relation to anything erxleben-ish/burns-esque)

i have no homework tonight. we're going out to eat. SWEEEEEEEET. nikki kirn has her choir concert, i hope it goes great.

i wrote "mandy" on john's arm, and im sure he liked it.
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08:15pm 20/10/2004
  Wow. some people are idiots. hahahahahahh, at least i got a good laugh outta someones livejournal...


im not going to the norma jean show. saddddddddddddddddd

but, IAM GOING TO CHICAGO TO THE ART INSTITUTE AND ART MUSEUM AND SHOPPING WITH NIKKI KIRN FOR HER BIRTHDAY!!!! yeah, you wish you were coming!! we're spending the night. so gonna kick some serious bootay....

Yu-Gi-Oh party, im exited.

i kinda wanna go to my moms to hang out with COREY.

moreover, am i doing something with ailyn? if so what? suggestions? haha. PEACE.
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04:28pm 19/10/2004
  HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAUREL SANCHEZ/WRIGHT. mostly sanchez. 99.9% sanchez.

i got my braces off yesterday. it was amazing. it still is amazing. eating apples without worry about the whole "apple in braces" scenario is amazing. life is amazing. im so glad im here.
09:04pm 18/10/2004
  Pick a band, and complete this survey with only their song titles: uhh The Faint@!!!

Are you male or female?: How could i forget...
How old are you?: Posed to death.
Describe yourself: worked up so sexual
How do some people feel about you?: Let the poison spill from your throat
How do you feel about yourself?: Total Job
Describe your ex: violent
Describe your views on your significant other or crush: ERECTION!!!!
Describe what you want: desperate guys
Describe how you live: I Dissappear
Describe how you love: Paranoiattack
Share a few words of wisdom: Dropkick the punks

so glad i got wet from birth. its great